Pilbara Lifestyle

This is a recently completed double story 3 unit development in Port Hedland.  Two of the units are mirror images of each other and attached and the third stands alone addressing the side street. As per the usual 'northwest style' we included colorbond corrugated wall cladding on steel framing but somewhat differently we went with a skillion roof with lined eaves and soffits which I think makes the development stand out.  A great colour selection and a high quality build completes a great little Pilbara investment for the owner. I've worked on a lot of projects in the Pilbara region over the years but this is one of my favourites.

Heritage Renovation in Albury NSW

This beautifully renovated heritage home is part of a major Wilson street redevelopment I worked on for Afonso Building Solutions (see my other post on the adjacent terrace homes). We left the front original portion of the home virtually as-is but rejuvenated all finishes up to new standard. As usual Afonso's have done an outstanding job.

The rear of the home is virtually a complete rebuild of the very old 'existing addition'.   The small but modern kitchen, a sleek bathroom and spacious living area provides all the amenities expected in a modern home but with the charm and character of a heritage home. 

Photography: Simon Dallinger

Heritage Style Terraces in Albury NSW

This major terrace home development I designed for Afonso Building Solutions has attracted a lot of attention locally. Wilson street is in the historical heart of the lovely rural city of Albury so the council were extremely pleased to see the heritage theme of the proposed design. It is modern inner-city living with style to blend in with the local architecture.

The development consists of 5 double story units with a large open plan living area and sitting room on the ground floor.  Bedrooms and bathrooms are upstairs with the lovely balcony overlooking the street.  Garage are separate from the dwelling behind the outdoor living area for access from the rear lane-way.

Photography: Simon Dallinger