Financial Success

This is a recently completed project that was built by White Building Co in Bunbury WA. As a design exercise it was an interesting project and required some innovative solutions to meet some very specific site requirements.

The owner of the building (Rando & Associates) was running a financial services business out of a heritage building in an inner city area that has become a mix of residential and commercial infill development. Due to an expanding requirement for office space we needed to add quite bit of area to the building yet still achieve the minimum required on-site parking allowances on the small lot. The existing home was also built at an angle to the side lot boundaries which added an extra level of complexity to the design.

The solution was to put a raised office extension to the rear with parking underneath and rotate it relative to the original building to align with the boundaries for space efficiency. New disabled compliant bathrooms, office space and storage is all included and the existing building was upgraded and renovated to suit current building codes and building standards to achieve a use-able pleasant work environment for a growing business.

Because the design solution to the extension was never going to 'blend' into the heritage style of the existing building it made sense to go for the old vs new approach and design the addition in a way that it stands alone and in contrast to the traditional street facade. This theme carries through internally. This way of approaching a mixed style design respects the heritage and history of the original building while adding a modern spin on the upgrade that creates a thoroughly interesting and stylish effect overall.